Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring Clearance Sale Final 2 Days

Sat, June 6 10-4 and Sun, June 7 11-3
(on in stock items only)

5% off - Jeep stroller, Collier Leeds, framed art, It’s All About Bubba, Doggie Condo, pottery (does not include gift cards)

10% off - all toys, grooming items, supplements and treats

20% off - collars, leashes and harness (does not include Collier Leeds)

30% off - bandanas, human t-shirts & accessories including bows, party collars, eyelash collars, charms, necklaces, doggles, hair clips, hats, etc...

40% off - totes & all other apparel including dresses, shirts, pants, tanks, tees, bellybands, etc… (does not include Stella line)

50% off - home d├ęcor items including Leedy art, bowls, beds, blankets, pillows, baskets, cds, dvds, candles, frames, & cards (does not include books in back room)

60% off - all fleece jackets/hoodies and winter coats

70% off - all sweaters and boots (does not include pawz)

80% off - pet aromatics, sexy beast, OPI & happy tail ale products

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